Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Triathlon, really?

At my Daughter's birthday, last year, an old friend suggested I join him in a sprint Triathlon. Initially I dismissed the idea but then I decided 1. I was too fat and 2. I was too unhealthy. So I agreed. What followed was an education! Christmas and Birthday have passed in a whirl of Internet shopping and eBay watching which has left me fully kitted out and ready to go.

Spending New Year's Day in a cardiac ward with Atrial Fibrillation was a set back I have now got over. What has been more difficult is the news that a friend has Cancer again and needs a Bone Marrow transplant. Those of you that know me will know that my Stepdad had one 27 years ago and is still going strong, my cousin was not so lucky...

So, Anthony Nolan has always been my charity of choice but it has come into sharp focus again. Go here to see the brilliant work they do. I have, therefore, decided to do a Triathlon, a proper Browlee brothers Olympic jobbie. Shouldn't be a problem for a fit, healthy, PE teacher! What a shame that is not me.

So I will take my bike riding , wetsuit wearing, speedo sporting, heart monitoring, stability shoe wearing body to the limit to show my respect for People like Ron, Philip, Geoff and Sarah who take on these hideous types of Cancer with dignity and determination. It seems like the least I can do...

What's more, you can help! Please go here to sponsor me, I really do appreciate it.

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